June 11, 2020
What to expect after installing a security fence around your property
September 6, 2020

We recognize the challenges of providing a secure working environment—especially when a client’s worksites are in remote locations. Our solutions are based on a comprehensive analysis of the security requirement and may integrate manned guarding, canine security, and technological security elements. This analysis impacts the design and implementation of appropriate and bespoke security solutions. Such solutions are always reviewed to ensure continual improvement that is in line with an often rapidly changing security environment.

There are a few things you can do to ensure your workers are in a safe and secure environment. We’ve outlined the major points here to make it easier for you.

  • Make sure you are following provincial and federal regulations

Every workplace should make sure they are following their local regulations for safety and security in the workplace. This will most likely include providing adequate training, maintaining the premises, having emergency plans posted, first-aid kits & training, as well as having a joint health and safety committee in place for larger businesses. Check your local government websites for more information on conforming to these important regulations, they are put in place to keep people safe.


  • Have a health and safety plan in place, including an emergency procedure 

Once you’ve made sure that your workplace is conforming to regulations, you can take it a step further by having security and safety plans for emergencies. You can educate your workers about these plans and keep them in an accessible place. You will want to consider having a security plan in place for robbery, natural disasters, workplace violence, and terrorism. 


  • Install verified security systems such as controlled access, panic buttons, fire detection, and verified CCTV & audio.

Our Verified Alarms are more than just conventional CCTV. We can custom design a security solution for you that will protect you against a variety of safety and security threats. We can include features such as fire detection, verified audio intrusion detection, panic buttons, 24/7 monitored CCTV, and more.

We also recommend controlling which employees have access to more sensitive areas of your business and when. You can do this with key-less entry that can be controlled/revoked remotely when needed.

Following these steps will greatly help to increase your workplace safety and security, and there’s no better time to do so than right now. 


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