April 14, 2020
June 11, 2020

Being a security guard can be a risky job. Whilst their role is to protect, its easy to overlook there own personal safety.

Lack of adequate safety measures can put a security guard unnecessary risk. So regardless of whether their job is to protect people’s assets or property being equipped with the right protection is crucial to ensure their safety is not compromised. 

we have identified essential pieces of personal protective equipment that should be considered by security guards 

1. Clothing:

Security Guard Clothing is one of the most important things a Security Guard must have and it consists of the following (subcategories):

High-Visibility Clothing is needed in order to increase the Security Guards’ visibility; firstly for his safety and also to alert any possible criminals that may plan to break in the area/property he is guarding.

Every person that works in the security industry agrees that boots are an investment worth making. Especially if they stand or walk for long periods, comfortable and supportive boots are an item every guard must-have.

2. Flashlight

Although flashlights are usually oversized and heavy, they are essential to a Security Guard. Even if he is working at a day-shift, a flashlight can be useful if he finds himself in a difficult situation inside a dark room or area.

3. Defense equipment

Security officers can use a wide variety of equipment that helps them defend themselves, such as pepper sprays, batons, or guns. Defense equipment prevents officers from criminal attacks and offers a means of keeping them safe. Whichever you choose, the defense equipment is a considerable part of the security industry.

4. Notepad and Pen

Security guards need to keep notes on every guard tour. They have to remember any aspect of a completed guard tour and the actions that were held, and it is impossible to take place by memory. So, security officers will need to use a notepad and a pen to write reports about their daily actions or/and any observations they might have.

6. Two-way radio

Close protection officers and security guards working at events or in retail should always carry a two-way radio, which is important for the communication with the Center or with other security guards. Although it is a must for every person working in the security industry, two-way communication is outdated in comparison with today’s communications evolution and cloud-based innovative applications and systems.

7. Mobile Phone

Even If most of the time security guards use walkie-talkies for communication, cell-phones are crucial for a quick call at any time. You can put all the important contacts on speed dial for even faster access. – Especially the smartphone’s market “explosion” (first quarter of 2015 had 12% more sales compared with the same time in 2014) has established new habits in daily interactions which affect in a positive way all aspects of security fields, including guard tours and patrols.

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