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September 6, 2020
September 26, 2020

An occurrence book, mostly referred to as OB is used to record all security-related activities that occur during your period of duty.

Daily activity reports are a critical part of every security operation. For contract security teams, the daily activity report is often the forefront of client communication. Successful companies understand the importance of a well written Daily Activity Report (DAR for short) and train their teams accordingly.

In this article we will discuss everything that needs to be in an OB

The following examples of information could be included in the occurrence book:

♦ Reporting on and off duty.

♦ Crimes committed during your duty.

♦ Arrest made.

♦ Actions resulting from the arrest.

♦ Accidents that occurred during the duty.

♦ Damage to property.

♦ Special duties that you may have executed.

♦ Visits made by supervisors or other staff members.

♦ Patrols have undertaken – including the time the patrol started and ended and where it was done.

♦ Any unusual incidents that occurred.

♦ Complaints received.

♦ Security breaches.

♦ Items found.

Things to keep in mind while writing entries into your occurrence book:

♦ Number your entries in a chronological sequence starting with one.

♦ Ensure the correct date, month, and the year is recorded in the occurrence book.

♦ Make entries in the order in which they occurred and make sure the correct time is allocated to each event.

♦ Use black ink to write and red ink to underline. Registers are usually inspected in red ink.

♦ Write neatly and legibly.

The occurrence book needs to be completed by adhering to the following steps. 

Step 1: An Occurrence Book must be in place at every security-controlled site.

Step 2: Books must be numbered.

Step 3: Every page must be numbered.

Step 4: No pages to be removed.

Step 5: Each page must consist of:

 ♦ Heading

 ♦ Day of week and date 

 ♦Three columns for; 

  • Serial number: To be numerical. Beginning with no 1 for each new month.
  • Time: The exact time when the occurrence happened.
  •  Nature of occurrence: Starting with a keyword and must be underlined in red pen. Following the full details of the occurrence. After each entry, one line must be left open.


These are words that the security guard will use while writing. this include

On duty, Off duty, Patrol, Report, Handing-over, Visit, Inspection, Late entry, Incident, Supervisor visit, etc.

Use the OB 24 hours a day for the following:

♦ Booking on/off duty.

♦ Handing-over of duties & equipment

♦ Details of patrols according to the Work Instruction for Patrols

♦ All incidents

♦ Crime

♦ Safety Hazards

♦ Abnormalities

♦ Irregularities

♦ A full report on things done

 Maintenance of OB

To be inspected and signed by the Security Supervisor twice a month and once a month by the Contract Manager. Alternatively, your company will determine otherwise. Occurrence Book that is completed in full must be handed over to the Manager for safekeeping/references. The record-keeping period for an Occurrence Book is five years.

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