March 26, 2020
April 26, 2020

From welcoming employees and guests with a warm and friendly smile to giving directions, the customer service role that security personnel play is infinite.
The security officer sector is growing exponentially, as is the need for our country’s officers to be comprehensively trained in a wide variety of areas, ranging from life-saving initiatives to ‘white-glove’ customer service training.
We need to ensure that the growing physical security workforce is ready and able to take on the daily customer service challenges that they face in different sectors across multiple industries, including commercial real estate, hospitality, higher education, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, public transportation, government services, and the chemical industry.

The customer is not only the client but is also anyone who crosses the path of a security officer. A “white glove” service-oriented attitude translates to not only satisfying customers but delighting them while mixing security with care taker-like customer service. Whether assisting a visitor or a lost child, the security officer is a brand ambassador tasked to exceed the customer’s needs. For example, if a customer needs something in 10 minutes, deliver it in nine. If customers need information, deliver it to them with options, or if customers ask, “how?” tell them “why” as well as how.

Appearance, diligence, communication, and knowledge comprise the values that are the cornerstones of customer service. Security officers need to incorporate these values into how they present themselves.Appearance does not just mean that a security officer’s uniform is clean and fitted properly, it also includes taking responsibility for the look of the property as a whole. The security officer should project a professional image and ensure that their work area is neat and clean.

A security officer’s customer service role is multifaceted and includes acting as a caretaker by assisting everyone who enters the facility with a high level of customer care. Security personnel can take ownership of lobby and visitor management services and technologies to make every visit enjoyable and productive. By acting as a greeter, security professionals build relationships by welcoming staff and tenants by name which offers a personalized service. As important custodians of the building and its tenants, security professionals know who should have access, allowing them to quickly make important security decisions. And as a first responder, trained security professionals even save lives by delivering first aid, CPR and emergency medical services.

We live in a diverse world, and not all customers are the same or have the same requirements. A security professional’s customer service attitude must be flexible enough to delight every customer. Why is attitude so important? Think back to a time when you had a bad experience. Did you walk away and say “I’m never dealing with that security guy again’’ or did you walk away and say “I’m not dealing with that business again’’? Most likely it is the latter. Most customers can speak to one or two people at an organization and the impression they walk away with isn’t just reflective of the individual, but the entire company.

Whether you are visiting a shopping mall, hospital, commercial building or university, security personnel are at the forefront of public perception. The interaction that security officers have with shoppers, students or workers can leave an indelible mark on people’s minds and lasting impact on the brand. When people talk to a security professional, essentially that security professional is the face of the company. When a security officer expresses a positive attitude, people are more naturally responsive. People respond to cheerful people.

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